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Art 'De bewoners van de eeuwige schemer'
Gallery ʻJacques Gorusʼ in Antwerp

From 7 ( opening 3 pm ) till 28 may 2017. Open on Saterday and Sunday from 2 til 5 pm and by appointment. Solo exhibition grafics ʻBeyond black and white'. With a slide show accompanied with sound and in the background compiled classical experimental soudscapes from the 70ʼs and 80ʼs.
 Introduction by the artist himself.

Open studios

4th September 2016 from 2 till 7 pm. ‘Open studios’ in connection with the NICC, New International Cultural Center, Antwerp. Studio Paul Van Dessel : Lange Vlierstraat 33/3a, 2000 Antwerp, Belgium. From 1 till 2 pm visit from curators, collecters and professionals.

Den Hopsack

Recitation in connection with the Social Market Antwerp and the VVL, Flemish Literary Society. Introduction by Roger Nupie, board member of the VVL. Location : the temple of the VVL ‘Den Hopsack’, literary café. Paul Van Dessel with s.a. ‘Hallucination‘, july 2016.

'Amicitia fortior'
'Galerie Martin Van Blerck' Antwerp (2016)

Groupexhibition with Paul Van Dessel, Gert de Keyser, Bruno Sluydts and Freddy De Vierman. Introduction by Peter Haex. Performance by Freddy De Vierman.

Old townhall of Kapellen (2015)

Groupexhibition with poem recitals in the old townhall of Kapellen, Belgium. (Kappa/Letter 10)

‘Galerie Martin Van Blerk’ Antwerp (2014)

Exhibition ‘About love’. Paul Van Dessel with a painted tribute to Guy van Hoof and his wife Yolanda Dewyn. Introduction by Prof. Em. Richard Foqué, engineer, architect and poet. Including a poetry-evening with Willem M. Roggeman, Guy van Hoof, Richard Foqué, ...

‘Gallery Bar Nadar’ Antwerp (2014)

Exhibition graphic arts ‘Himmelwärts’, a series of 4, in connexion with an installation-project of Tim Beyltjens.

Poetry day (2014)

Recital of a few poems from ʻLokroepʼ attached to several paintings, next to Willem M. Roggeman and Guy van Hoof in ʻCoffee & vinylʼ in Antwerp (South).

Open atelier (2013)

Visit by invitation.

'Galerie Martin Van Blerk', Antwerp (2013)

Personal exhibition : 'Intieme portretten'. Introduction and analysis by Guy van Hoof (speaker, author and board member of the 'Vereniging van Vlaamse Letterkundigen').

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'Galerie Martin Van Blerk', Antwerp (2011)

Personal exhibition 'Beelden van het waarachtige'.

Space 'Black Box', Antwerp (2011)

Groupexhibition with gaphic art.

Open studio (2009)

Visit by invitation.

Open studio (2004)

Visit by invitation.

'Den blauwe steen' (tavern in Antwerp) (1998)

Wallpainting 'Geschiedenis van een blauwe steen'.

Galery 'De Vierde Dimensie', Antwerp (1997)

Groupexhibition with assemblagiste Fik Driesen, photographers René Lutz and Lutgart Van Goethem, graphic artist Omar Van Meervelde, painter-sculptor nana Dankwa, and painter Dirk Lemmens. Introduction and analysis by Paul Van Dessel.

Galery 'De Vierde Dimensie', Antwerp (1996)

Exhibition entitled 'Natuur' with Lutgart Van Goethem. Introduction and analysis by poet and art critic Ugo Verbeke.

Galery 'De Vierde Dimensie', Antwerp (1996)

Personal exhibition. Inauguration of the gallery by social alderman Eric Anthonis and analysis by social journalist Erik Verstraete.

Galery 'De Lelie', Antwerp (1989)

First (personal) exhibition. Introduction by Paul Van Dessel and analysis by art philosopher John Baert.