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Truthful portrait

(on the works of painter Paul Van Dessel)

In the mirror he sees his portrait
first as a child drawing a circel
around nature, thoughts, humans;
then, becomming older, he loses age,
the wanderer becomes a seeker
on a height where lonelyness
is no longer lonelyness.

He paints the model
reflected in the mirror
strange yet so familiar,
he wants everything to coincide
then remarks the footstep of his own life
a miniature of the universe
like hearing the sea in a shell
closely pressed against the ear
and he paints the waves, far more endless
than life before and after him, he sees
in his imagination the road as a wide river
with behind every turn a fresh view
that pains the eyes.

He does’nt remain blind for struggle
and realistically he paints the cunnings
and battles of good versus evil
as gods who grudge one another.
But you are life
and you are the veil, as wrote Kahlil Gibran, and:
beauty is eternety contemplating itself
in the mirror. But you are eternety
and you are the mirror.

To him truth is no longer a challange
death no longer a need
but an answer to the lies
and falseness, a clock ticking
bringing reality more and more closer,
while others haven’t found themselfs yet.
A selfportrait is an engagement,
that never ends.

© Guy van Hoof 2014 (translation Paul Van Dessel)