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Art 'De ernst van de grappenmaker'
Short movie ʻPaul Van Dessel, connecting in silence.ʼ (2019)

The documentary / short movie ʻPaul Van Dessel, connecting in silence.ʼ by Erwin Raeves gets included in the Permeke Library in Antwerp, section Plastic Arts.

RKD Netherlands Institute for Art History (2019)

Paul Van Dessel is included in by the Dutch photographer and artist André Smits, in the company of David Lynch among others. Supported by the Mondriaan Fonds and archived in the RKD Netherlands Institute for Art History.

Cinema Nova Brussels (2019)

October 10 at 8 pm. Short film ‘PAUL VAN DESSEL , CONNECTING IN SILENCE.’ (direction Erwin Raeves / publishing Litera-Este) in CINEMA NOVA in Brussels, in the series ‘Open Screen’ of Short Films.

Jumpei Mikami, grafisch kunstenaar (2019)

ʻI went to your website, Paul, and saw your works. Each of these works had a unique atmosphere and presence, which was interesting. You have your own world, it's really creative. It was very interesting for me.ʼ

Artstudio Walden Ekeren (2019)

September 29 om 2 pm. Poetry recital in Artstudio Walden in Ekeren. Paul Van Dessel, Renée Van Hekken, Roger Nupie and gitar player Ramsy Irani.

Radio Central (2019)

ʻPaul Van Dessel specialʼ, interview about his work by Catherine Braeckmans in ʻThe Horny Hourʼ (Sven Visterin) on Radio Centraal Antwerp.

Steven Van Der Heyden (poet) (2019)

ABOUT SHORT MOVIE ʻPAUL VAN DESSEL, CONNECTINC IN SILENCE.ʼ An honest, pure and authentic portrait. Your Muze (Magritte) is never far away. The continuous reflecting of abstraction on figuration, of word on image sticks in my memory, ʻall has itʼs oppositeʼ.

Cinema Klappei (2019)

May 31at 20 pm in Cinema Klappei, Antwerp Klappeistreet 2. Première short film ʻPaul Van Dessel, connecting in stillness.ʼ by Erwin Raeves. A portrait of the artistʼs work.

Film poster
Radio Central (2019)

On the 19th of February 2019 Paul Van Dessel talks about his visual work with Michael Laird during the radio program 'The Hourny Hour' of Sven Visterin at Radio Centraal Antwerpen 106.7 fm and by streaming.

Radio Central (2018)

April. Interview with PAUL VAN DESSEL about his life and work as a visual artist, former gallery owner and poet by KATRIEN VAN TICHELEN with her Two questions-cultural column in 'THE REDACTION TIME' at RADIO CENTRAL Antwerp 106.7 FM or via lifestreaming

Gazet van Antwerpen (2016)

29th June 2016. Gazet van Antwerpen Article by Ilse Prinsen on the groupexhibition ‘Amicitia fortior’ in Galerie Martin Van Blerk in Antwerp with Paul Van Dessel, Bruno Sluydts, Gert de Keyser en Freddy De Vierman : ‘... Paul Van Dessel brought the artists together ... In his work he tries to express the human ‘condition’ ... The direct approach in human contact fascinates him ...

Radio Central ‘The Cloudknitters’ (2016)

27th June 2016 from 4 till 6 pm. Interview with Paul Van Dessel, Freddy De Vierman, Gert De Keyser en Bruno Sluydts in the program of Radio Central ‘The Cloudknitters’ of Leo Reijnders in consequence of their groupexhibition ‘Amicitia fortior’ in Galerie Martin Van Blerk in Antwerp.

Radio Central ‘The Music box’

16th June 2016 from 2 till 4 pm. Interview with Paul Van Dessel, Gert de Keyser and Bruno Sluydts ( without Freddy De Vierman)in the program of Radio Central ‘The Music box’ of Frank Vranckx in consequence of their groupexhibition ‘Amicitia fortior’ in Galerie Martin Van Blerk in Antwerp.

Agora Gallery, New York (2014)

Paul Van Dessel gets contacted and qualified by the Agora Gallery New York for representation.

De Morgen,, journal (Antwerp). (2014)

Joni Horemans, freelance journalist: ‘... Art and Philosophy coïncide this month in ‘Galerie Martin Van Blerk’ during the exhibition ‘About love’. Antwerp poet/artist Paul Van Dessel (1956) fills the emptiness with meaningful work that emerges mostly from belief and metaphysics and puts a poetry evening on top ...’

Zone 03, cultural journal (Antwerp). (2014)

Joni Horemans, freelance journalist: ‘... The exhibition ‘About love’ is a relief for those longing for spiritual enrichment ...’

ATV daily newspaper (Antwerp). (2014)

Mention (3 dec.) on the Antwerp television of the exhibition ‘About love’ in ‘Galerie Martin Van Blerk’.

Prof. Em. Richard Foqué (architect, poet, critic) (2014)

Prof. Foqué during his introduction of the exhibition ‘About love’ in ‘Galerie Martin Van Blerk’ (5dec.): ‘...It’s startling to see how Paul Van Dessel as it were with ingenuous and natural ability creates an communicates his hypotheses in a refined style that testifies to his control over line, colour and design and at the mean time to a great elegance and sensitivity. Paul Van Dessel confronts us with a world in constant change where suffering and pain can be altered into hope and expectation. Belief in the metamorphoses for the good, belief in the ‘Humanitas’. That ‘s the ark on which Paul Van Dessel builts with his works...’

Prof. Em. Richard Foqué (architect, poet, critic) (2014)

Prof. Foqué during his introduction of the exhibition ‘About love’ in ‘Galerie Martin Van Blerk’ (5 dec.) in Antwerp regarding the double portrait with the same title, a homage to the poet Guy van Hoof and his wife Yolanda Dewijn: ‘... There radiates a certain pride from this painting, also contentment from both the poet and his wife: ‘About love’ is the subject where this painting deals with and which lifts the maker as well as the portrayed. Or, is the subject a painted reality as suggested by the paintings packed in plastic, likely waiting to be hung ? ‘Ceci n’est pas une pipe.’ It is not what one sees or is it …? Isn’t what you see a reflection of a multi layered reality depicted by the painter ? A metamorphoses of portrayed captured in a painting ...’

'The author' (VVL)
(december 2014, p 27)

Paul Van Dessel presents himself as a new member.

‘Radio Centraal’ Antwerp
(27th of November from 14 till 16 h, 2014)

Interview during the program ‘’The Musicbox’ of Frank Vranckx and Erwin Raeves with Paul Van Dessel, Guy van Hoof and Richard Foqué referring to the exhibition ‘About Love’ and a poetry-evening in ‘Galerie Martin Van Blerk’ in Antwerp from 5 dec. till 13 dec. 2014.

Magazine ʻArt 04ʼ (number 40 Dec, Jan, Feb 2014)

Publication of the poem of honour ʻThe romantic sceptic / Guy van Hoofʼ.

Magazine ʻArt 04ʼ (number 40 Dec, Jan, Feb 2014)

Publication of the poem ʻLines and Marcaseʼ from 2014 with works of Marcase.

Digital publication from the VVL, ʻSociety of flemisch writersʼ (2014)

Recital of three poems from ʻLokroepʼ by Paul Van Dessel during the ʻLiterairy courier VIIʼ in the ʻGreen hallʼ of the ʻBook market Antwerp-expo 2014ʼ. See : Literaire Estafette VII.

Novelties, (2014)

Mention of the exhibition ʻAbout loveʼ and the poetry-evening at ʻGalerie Martin Van Blerkʼ in december illustrated with the drawing ʻDe bewoners van de eeuwige schemerʼ.

Magazine ‘Letter 10’ (December, 2014)

Introduction of the exhibition ‘About love’ of Paul Van Dessel in ‘Gallery Martin Van Blerk’ by Guy van Hoof, poet, writer, critic.

Magazine ʻArt 04ʼ (number 39 Sept, Oct, Nov 2014)

Publication of the text ʻSurchʼ from 2013 accompanied by the resin-oilpainting from 1987 ʻSelf contemplationʼ.

Poetic Pallet (2014)

Publication volume ‘Poetic Pallet’ with, among others, a poem of Paul Van Dessel ‘Dear Marilyn’, especially written for a painting of Linda Deschouwer called ‘Marilyn’ in consequence of art-society ‘Artfriends’’ 10-year jubilee.

‘Radio Centraal’ Antwerp (2014)

Interview during the program ‘The Musicbox’ of Frank Vranckx and Erwin Raeves with Paul Van Dessel and Tim Beyltjens in consquence of their exhibition in ‘Gallery Bar Nadar’ and in reference of the recently deceased Etienne De Cnodder, founder and animater of the ‘Musicbox’, a music-forum where once ‘Zita swoon’ and ‘Deus’ started but also Ingrid Veerman, Leo Wijnkamps, Ken Post and many others ...

Cultural magazine Portulaan (second quarter number 118, 2014)

Publication short story ‘The death-sentence’.

Cultural magazine ‘VKH-Vriendenkring Kunst Houtland’ (volume 39, May-June, 2014)

Representation of the work of Paul Van Dessel with a covering text by Guy van Hoof.

Literary magazine ‘Verba’ (volume 18, number 2, 2014)

Publication of the poem dedicated to the work of Paul Van Dessel by Guy van Hoof ‘Truthfull portrait’.

iArt (2014)

Interview in the artmagazine of Monika Macken (poet, artist painter, wife of author Ward Ruyslinck). Fragment: ... Conscious that everything is connected I feel myself part of a world of constant mouvement and change, always departing from eternal values and incessant wonder. All this is represented figuratively and based upon abstraction, because it is exactly the combination of these two which makes life and art unique to me, the temporal combined with the eternal. Within this field everything is left open because life is only exciting not knowing where it all leads to, maidenly, as mere knowledge is not only an illusion but especially fatal ...

Hugo Bongers (2014)

Artiste peintre Hugo Bongers : Eminent artistery. His ʻKaʼ is a museum piece.

Philippe Calliau (2014)

Poet Philippe Calliau : His work makes me keep on looking and ... thinking.

Versindaba South Africa (2014)

Publication of the poem ʻWaarheidsgetrouw Portretʼ of Guy van Hoof, a tribute to the work of Paul Van Dessel, in the South African internet-magazine Versindaba.

Cultural magazine ʻArtʼ 04ʼ (2013)

(Works of art and poems. Text by Guy van Hoof, poet, author, speaker and member of the ʻVlaamse Vereniging van Letterkundigen.ʼ). ... Paul Van Dessel calls himself an artist who has found his way all by himself. By the punctuality, the style and the well thought-out technical execution of his work, this arouses astonishment, even admiration.The themes escape from every category, as is the case with Spilliaert. Influence however is inevitable, but the art of Paul Van Dessel stands on his own, wthout joining an existing style, trend nor hype. Paul Van Dessel mixes a style and technique resulting from the more classical styles, but his work is nevertheless anchored in the present time and is topical because of itʼs philosophical and universal character ... Paul Van Dessel is not a dreamer, in the sense of being naïve, on the contrary he may very well be considered a realist who permanently subjects himself and there by the spectator aswell to a retrospection, all of this with technical skill and power of ideas.

Pier Bossuyt (2013)

Pier Bossuyt, publisher ‘Art 04’ : Looking at a few of his works soon made me decide that Paul Van Dessel is an extraordinary artist. His work reminds me of the English pre-Rafaëlites.

Leen van Dijck (2013)

Director AMVC-Letterenhuis : Paul Van Dessel is doubly talented.

Paul De Vierman (2013)

Sculptor, former director Niel academy, former teacher Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp : ... his work is very divers, however he continues to labor in one and the same direction. His minimalistic and subtle brush-stroke, which attracts attention, cannot be immitated. In his best moments his work is fantastic ...

Jos Vervloet (2013)

Former violin-player Royal Flemisch Opera, musicologist : ... the shelfs in his studio with pigments, resins, mortars, pounders, retorts, painting-knives, brushes, pencils, etc., in a word: his alter! Wonderfull ...

Periodical on culture ‘Portulaan’ (2013)

Guy van Hoof, poet, author and boardmember of the ‘Vereniging van Vlaamse Letterkundigen’ : Confrontation between artist and spectator. Paul Van Dessel has a possitive attitude, his texts point this out so they can serve as a guide to loose ourself in his work ...

In a text (nr. 86, sept. 2007) he puts forward his main qualities, being : protection and revelation. Yes, that’s what we also find in his work as an artist. Recently I read somewhere that there is a key and a buoy; the buoy is that what protects and informs of preservation, the key on the other hand we must possess to enter the house of the arts and the artist to play our role in the confrontation between artist and spectator, instead of looking about superficially, so that the background of the work be revealed and its meaning elucidated.
Full text : see ‘Portulaan’ nr. 115

Guy van Hoof (2013)

Speaker, author, board member of the 'Vereniging van Vlaamse Letterkundigen' Guy van Hoof : Paul Van Dessel is a painter who - unfortunately - doesnʼt very often exhibit, but who, besides painting, also writes concised texts in the form of poems (also maximes), for about twenty years. They are a kind of phylosophical viewing ...

He entiteled an earlier work ʻThe acceptance of life and death.ʼ and in ʻCross-roadsʼ from 2011 we see him working behind the eazel, probably elaborating one of his many selfportraits. In the mirror behind him -and maybe even the canvas on the eazel functions as a mirror- he sees himself reflected with a skull. Nevertheless he continues his work, not affected by any kind of fear, no, he has totaly accepted death.This immage is artistically constructed and expires an intens atmosphere, but is also meaningfull by elements as the mirror and the selfportrait, which occur more than once in his work. In this painting his path also crosses that of Spilliaert, it reflects a meeting between the two artists.

We also notice ʻordinaryʼ portraits, women, like ʻThe catʼ -thus entiteled to misguide us- or the carefully elaborated ʻRe-birth of Zeusʼ from 2004, with no snake under the grass but held against a womans breast. A painting with more than one meaning and again you could call it a confrontation with the viewer. This kind of portraits express ʻvitalityʼ but then by means of contrast he shows us, daringly, the picture of a woman from a totaly different angle. Namely an nude portait of his in may 2012, at a great age, deceased mother of whom he talks with great estime. Itʼs un unusual, uncommon portait, but again it fits under his philosophy: life and death indissolubly connected...

Marianne Van Lindt (2013)

European fashion designer, co-founder ‘T3’ of Tone Brulin, artist Marianne Van Lindt : ... Touching work. Great appreciation for his brushstroke. ...

Marc Kennes (2013)

Marc Kennes artist connected to 'Zwarte Panter' gallery, Antwerp : ... Beautiful work. The sincerety of his work is remarkable. ...

Martin Van Blerk (2013)

Gallery owner Martin Van Blerk : ... This exhibition proves to me his work is more then 'really good'. ...

ATV (2013)

Mention on 'ATV' daily written news (Antwerp television).

Jos Vervloet (2013)

Former violist 'Flemisch Opera' Antwerpen, musicologist Jos Vervloet :
... In 'De duistere' I see a clear link with the mysticism of Richard Wagner ...

Avi Kenan (2011)

Sculptor and painter Avi Kenan : ... In his best moments this work belongs in a New york gallery. Incomprehensible it doesn't receive the interest it deserves. The necessity for a book is pressing itself upon. ...

General opinion (2008)

... His philosophically substructured work, sometimes injected with humor, is accessible for everyone. ...

Leo Sterckx (2008)

Antwerp painter : ... In his work one nearly finds the entire occidental art history ...

General opinion (2004)

... Relatively small but professional studio. Interesting to see it's here that he creates his beautifull work. ...

ARTO (2002)

Dictionnaire Biographique :
... Ses compositions sont le plus souvent marquées par la relation Homme et Environnement ...

Julien Schoenaerts (2001)

Julien Schoenaerts, actor : Lovely work. Just like me Paul van Dessel has this fascination for ‘the cross’. His texts reveal a premature philosophical knowledge.

Art in Belgium (1999)

Paul Piron :
... is a philosopher as much as an artist. He is a seeker whom, during his surch for blessing and harmony, opens himself to the surrounding world to collect his impressions ...

Erik Dupont

Classical composer Erik Dupont :
... In his wallpainting ‘Geschiedenis van een blauwe steen’ he prouves himself to be a greater mystic than the composer Richard Wagner ... It’s wonderfull to see him painting in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by his pots of paint. This is romanticism at his best ...

Art magazine 'Arts, Antiques et Auctions' (1997)

Six artists want to celebrate the one-year-existence of gallery ‘De 4de Dimensie’. There are paintings of Paul Van Dessel, Dirk Lemmens and Nana Dankwa, the latter also shows sculptures. René Lutz presents a’caleidoscopic of erotics’, Fik Driesen abstract bas-reliefs, Omar Van Meervelde pastels and graphic art and Lutgart Van Goethem nature photographes. Introduction and analyses by Paul Van Dessel.

Paul Van Dessel about himself: ... the inspiring force behind the gallery dedicates himself to the art of painting and drawing ... Everything can inspire him, everyday events aswell as so called great experiences ... Everything fascinates him and when he is filled with joy he reflects all this on canvas or paper, in a manner that’s true to nature and in a ballancing composition around a perceptible, nearly invisible core ...

Sometimes this inspiration can lead up to real phylosophical contemplations, which are meanwhile the milestones in his life, incuding statement and qeustioning. Look for instance at ‘De parabel van de dood’ and ‘De utopie van het intellect’. Eventually everything in him is aimed at connecting his impressions with the great harmony which is not always very perceptible in everyday life.

Ugo Verbeke (1996)

Poet and artcritic Ugo Verbeke : ... His paintings as much as his emotional life are connected to nature. They are full of psychological sensitiviness ... Themes and subjects that concern us all ...

.. An artist, sensitive as he is, looks and listens at things, picks them up, collects impressions during his trip, takes them home and recreates them, inventive, into a new form of beauty ... A perpetuum mobile of observing and creating in an irresistable attraction. This is bound to result in subtle creations to be delighted at. This kind of results we find here ...

... Paul Van Dessel uses the total surface of the canvas with an eye for detail.
... In his still lives the accent lies on the colour, colours full of character ...
... He has a sense of proportion and places everything in the right perspective ... Delicately elaborated and structured there is nothing that escapes his eye ...

Willy and Josette Heremans (1996)

Jazz-expert and geography-teacher : ... when you are spiritual, you are alive to the sensitiveness enclosed in this work ...

Charles and Lisette Selhorst (1996)

Former director and teacher basic school : ... what strikes us the most in this work is it’s profound tranquillity ...

Koen Cauwenberghs (1996)

Chief journalist culture magazine 'Den Brabo' and graphic designer Koen Cauwenberghs :
... In the presence of many people and several prominent guests culture alderman Eric Anthonis officially opened gallery 'De 4de Dimensie' and explained to be pleased. ...

... On the question, put during 'Antwerp, cultural capital city of Europe 1993' : Can art save the world ?, the answer is, by looking at the works of artist and gallerist Paul Van Dessel, 'Yes' ...

Eric Anthonis (1996)

Social alderman Antwerp, Eric Anthonis :
... The opening of a gallery is not an everyday event, but in the 'Stuivenberg' neighbourhood it becomes even more unusual ...

Het Nieuwsblad (1996)

Social journalist ‘Het Nieuwsblad’, Ronald van Remme :
The initiative taker behind gallery ‘De 4de Dimensie’ is the 39 years of age Paul Van Dessel. ‘With this gallery I intend to offer a forum to artists of any kind of discipline, in order to intensify a contemporary art experience’, he thus explaines. Besides an artist he is also a philosopher.

He has elaborated a complete manifesto full of ideals. The most evident aim is to give young talented artists and more prominent artists an oppertunity to reach a wider public. Van Dessel, however, wants to give also a chance to youngsters, migrants, handicaped and psychiatrical patients.

All of this in order to bring artists closer together and to consolidate the individual and collective awareness of the meaning of art and life. Anthonis called this a commendable endeavour and wishes him the best of luck ... The gallery starts with a personal exhibition ... The subjects and techniques are very diverse. Van Dessel,however, constantly strives after a balance between nature and culture ...

Gazet van Antwerpen (1996)

Social journalist Erik Verstraete :
.. Love, some sensuality and passion, eternal values in art, are submerged by the artist into a universal message of warmth and beauty ... Art as this can be an opposite to the alienation of life and art for many decades in many contemperary art ...

Paul Van Dessel departs from within nature, in and around mankind. This notion leads him to try and find a balance between nature and culture, meaning in mankind: between reason, sense and immagination. He draws and paints clearly and sensitively figurative, always looking for a reasonable balance. In this way he can be called a classical artist but also, though less, a romantic one ...

He is a very humane, also 'human' artist, with a sense of humor and irony. That’s why he has called his gallery 'De 4de Dimensie', intending to give meaning to culture, to spirituality that revaluates nature, inspiring and surpassing it.

... To me his gallery 'De 4de Dimensie' is momentary the most beautiful small gallery in Antwerp. ...

La Esterella (1996)

Singer and Antwerp icon La Esterella : ... While observing one of his portraits I was strucked by the look in its eyes. Just later on I realised it was he himself who was depicted. ...
... While observing one of his portraits I was strucked by the look in its eyes. Just later on I realised it was he himself who was depicted. ...

Pierre Platteau (1996)

Author Pierre Platteau : ... His work contains the same critiscism on society as I have. Meaning she is heavely loaded. ...

Gazet van Antwerpen (1989)

Cultuurjournalist Piet Schepens : ... Not aesthetics for aesthetics sake, nor art for the happy few ... a personal philosophy which states the developpement of all human talents ...

Art magazine 'Arts, Antiques et Auctions' (1989)

Gallery 'De Lelie' gives opportunity to a young Antwerp artist. Paul Van Dessel ...

Stanislas Deriemaecker (1989)

Organist and teacher at the Antwerp conservatory Stanislas Deriemaecker : ... In his work and especially in his selfportraits you perceive a young man who, contrary to my generation, expresses himself totaly free and who is very communicative. ...

J.B. den Tandt (1989)

Professor colorpsychology 'Royal Academy of Fine Arts' Antwerp, J.B. den Tandt :
... The colours show a sound attitude ... This work can be called classical but there’s a contemporary feel to it ...

Danny Renders (1989)

Gallery owner Danny Renders : ... When you take a close look at this work it unfolds an exciting world. ...

Artphilosopher John Baert (1989)

John Baert, teacher 'Royal Academy of Fine Arts' Antwerp : ... This work is of such a nature that it moves through subcutaneous constants within the author himself. What here appears to be simple is however composed with great accuracy and with a defined artistic philosophy. By that the common suddenly becomes uncommon ...

When we have become surprised, worlds are revealed where things express perishing and coming to existence ... Each work reveals a world of looking, beholding, connecting things with visible and invisible eyes. These drawings and paintings observe you from their unlimited center ... not in a confronting manner but by taking you to the inner beholding of ones self ...

Therefore you keep looking at these works. In their best moments they make you watch and search far beyond the visible. What appears to be far away is however very near. It is the necessary harmony between matter and spirit, the transtition from death to life ...

Finally ... dwell on the yellow selfportrait in the form of a medallion: Paul Van Dessel holding a dead bird ... and venture so much silent meditation caused by a pimple of death and life ... and you’ll come to understand the ability of a painting brush in the hand of a real artist ...